We have all been there. The car broke down. You lost your phone. You didn’t get the job. You spilled coffee on your favorite white shirt. Someone said something hurtful. You had a bad day. I’m not talking tragedy here, just one of those days where things just didn’t go the way you planned. You have been disappointed and you want to lock yourself in your room and cry.

Truth be told, I’m there now. However going to my room and crying is just not an option. I just washed my sheets and I really don’t want to soak my freshly washed pillowcases in tears. That would only compound the issues. Again, we aren’t talking about a tragedy here, just the disappointment of not getting something I had hoped and prayed for.

Instead I thought I might share some ways I escape my pity parties.

Put on lipstick.  lipstick makes a bad day better

Seriously. Lipstick makes me feel better. It’s kind of like thumbing my nose up at my problem and saying, “So there! Take that!” Lipstick always makes me feel put together and colors definitely have an effect on your mood.





Turn on the music.  listening to music makes a bad day better

Turn on some music you like and dance crazy and sing loud. Stay away from sad songs and break-up songs. They will only add to your bad mood. If you have children at home, grab them and get them to dance with you. Before long you will be laughing and your kids will enjoy a little silly time with mom or grandma.



clean windows give a new perspectiveClean and organize your house.

I realize this sounds counter productive to getting in a good mood for some of you, but take out all that negative energy on the laundry room you have said you need to organize. When you are done you will have a shiny, clean and organized laundry room and you will feel better. It’s a win-win!



Do something nice for someone else. share some love to make your day happier

When things are going bad for you turning your focus to someone else helps put things in perspective. If you aren’t sure who to help, go through the drive thru somewhere and pay for the person behind you. You will be amazed at how good that makes you feel. You never know, they could be having a bad day too and it just might turn their day around.


Give the situation to God.  Give it over to God and He will fix it

In my particular situation, there is nothing I can do to fix this. Sometimes that is the hardest thing for me, just admitting that I can’t control everything. Give it to God and let Him work it out. He might surprise you with a solution that is better than you even imagined.



I hope some of these ideas helped you. Comment below and tell me how you deal with a bad day.