Hi Friends! It has been 11 days since I posted. It has been a very busy 11 days – physically and emotionally. So much has been going on in my world and it’s not necessarily bad, but there is definitely changing involved.  In fact, several changes are coming.

There has been a lot of focus on change this summer. I have been participating in a wonderful online Bible Study through Womens Bible Cafe which offers small group studies on Facebook. The study is on the book “Overwhelmed” by Kathi Lipp & Cheri Gregory To say this book has been awesome and life-changing for me would be such an understatement. As women, we tend to suffer from an ongoing identity crisis. Or maybe it’s just me. But for the majority of my life I have really struggled with who I am, who I am supposed to be and what I should be doing with my life.

While this book is about the overwhelm we feel in our lives and how to manage and avoid it, it is also about connecting with who we really are and our personality types. So far I have found that my personality type is a Driver and I am an hsp (highly sensitive person.) If you know me personally, none of this should come as any surprise to you. My husband looked at me like, “really?”

Setting Goals

The authors encourage us to set goals and so I set one. Actually I have set several, some before even reading the book. One goal was this blog. I have wanted to start a blog for years, but only recently decided I was brave enough to do so. Incidentally my word for 2017 is Brave. I am not risk tolerant so starting a business with a friend and starting a blog are HUGE for me.

The one big goal I have is to get out of debt and downsize our house. As my kids are moving out and moving on with their lives it’s my turn and my husband’s turn to move on with ours. We have been married 33 years and in that 33 years we have accumulated a lot of STUFF. Tons of stuff. I like stuff and to some degree have an almost unhealthy relationship with stuff. But now, I want to get rid of some of this stuff. Some will go with my kids. Some will go to Goodwill or another donation center, while others will perform double duty and help me reduce our debt and start saving for the house we will eventually buy. My goal is to actually buy the house for cash and then sell this one.

Business Goals

In order to accomplish this goal the business I co-own is also undergoing changes. We are still going to continue on with our vinyl crafts but no longer sell vinyl. It’s all about evaluating the options and seeing what is the most profitable options and where we want to spend our limited time. We have also decided to move from our current location and move our business back home. Again, where is the most profitable place to invest our money? We will also be adding a whole new business model to the mix and that will more than likely overtake the previous one at some point.

Blog Goals

Now for the blog. Certainly you saw that the blog was going to have to change since everything else is changing. Since my blog is new and I have tried to find my niche and where I fit in with the blogging world I have decided that my blog will reflect my life. Life for me right now is about downsizing, organizing, time management, saving money and getting debt free. So that is where Dogwood Lane Diaries is headed. I really hope you will stay along for the ride and please tell your friends. I love friends!!

Change is good! This has been a wonderful summer of self-discovery and change. Hopefully for the better. I really feel like for once I almost have a grasp on the question of who I am.

So tell me, what changes are you making in your life right now? What do you want or need to change? Talk to me!! (As a side note, my blog is set up to let me approve comments. I don’t like spam. So for some reason when people are leaving comments it is giving them an error message. I am actually getting the comments and will approve them ASAP so please be patient and don’t worry about the error message. If you know anything about wordpress and why this may be happening I welcome your input)