Parenting adult children has it’s own challenges. I spent the day with my son visiting a college in Nashville. He spent the day explaining multiple times why he has been out of school for 3 years, and is just now looking at colleges.

Personally I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with that.  I’m not a fan of kids going to college right out of high school. I believe that for some kids they need to live a little. They need to experience what’s out there so they can make a truly educated decision. Sometimes they need to work for minimum wage to realize that it’s impossible to live on that amount of money.

My son works as a security guard at a hospital. For the most part he likes his job, but he is smart enough to realize that this is not the career for him.  It may be for someone else, but not for him. I believe having the opportunity to see what he doesn’t want goes a long way to him finding what he does want.

In contrast my youngest daughter just finished her first year of college in May. She changed her major multiple times in that year before settling on Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. She is her mother’s daughter. I’m pretty sure I hold a record where I started college in major changes. I went back to college in my 40’s and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Human Resources Management. Unfortunately I’m not even using my degree because there is no demand for that in the small rural town we live in.

How many of you have kids who are struggling with the decision of what to major in or when and if to go to college? Do you have kids who graduated knowing exactly what they wanted to do or do you have kids who needed that extra time to decide and figure it all out? Tell me in the comments.