It all started with the search for acetaminophen and ibuprofen to give to my grandson. The medicine cabinet was such a mess I couldn’t find anything.  Since I was obviously not going anywhere today, I decided to let the decluttering begin.

All of this…

…was all stuffed in this small space

We also keep medicine in the linen closet. These are the items we don’t use as much.

The linen closet BEFORE

Another picture of the linen closet. What a mess!!

I am currently involved in a pretty big decluttering project, but this, well, this was manageable. This could actually be completed in one day. In fact, I was able to finish this in about an hour and that included stopping at various points to take pictures. If you have not cleaned out your medicine cabinet lately, grab some supplies and let’s get started.

Let’s clean out this medicine cabinet!!

Bring all your medicines out and put them someplace where it will be easy to work. I chose my couch so I could keep an eye on my grandson while he watched Paw Patrol.

All the medicine I gathered from the linen closet and the kitchen cabinet.


  • 2 trash bags – preferably different colors. I used a black one for expired meds and a white one for trash like empty boxes, etc.
  • A box or basket to put the medicines in that you will keep

  • A black Sharpie or permanent marker



  • Start with all your prescription drugs. Check the date, is it still good? If it has expired take the marker and mark through any identifying information such as name, birthdate, address and prescription number. Then put it in the expired bag to be disposed of.

  • Next do any OTC (over the counter) medicines. Check the dates and put them in the correct box or bag. If you can’t find a date and can’t remember buying it recently, err on the side of caution and dispose of it. One thing i did to make it easier on me in the future was to write the expiration date on the box or bottle so it would be more noticeable.

  • If the expired medicines were in a box I put the medicines in the expired bag and then put the box in the trash bag.

Here they are all sorted out.

Dispose of








What you need to do with the expired medicine.

The best thing to do is to call a local pharmacist or the local police department. In the county where I live the Sheriff’s office has a take-back program where expired drugs can be dropped off.

Up until several years ago the accepted way to dispose of medications was to flush them. Now, however, that is no longer recommended. According to the FDA this is the correct way to dispose of expired medications. The article also lists options if your city or town does not have a drug take-back program.

Most over the counter (OTC) medications can be thrown away, however I called my local pharmacy and spoke with the pharmacist and she recommended the disposal options with the Sheriff’s office. Since I do have grandkids and furbabies I wanted to make sure that I handled them the safest way possible.

The final results


This is the medicine that will go back into the kitchen cabinet.

This will go back in the linen closet. These are things we don’t use as often.

The cleaned out linen closet. (Stay tuned for my next post where I will finish this closet)












I hope you follow along as I declutter, downsize and organize my house. There is so much to do and I would love to have lots of company. What decluttering projects do you have on your to do list? Share them with me in the comments.