Who needs some time off to relax? Let’s face it, we ALL do! There is definitely an advantage to this stage of life. I can be lazy when I need to. I can take a day off to just relax and rest and recharge a little. Gone are the days of hoping the littles would take a nap so I could just get a little bit of rest. It’s my time now.

The older I get the more I appreciate the ability to just relax. The beach is a great day off destination but that is not always an option.  It’s important to get away even if it is just to stay home and not have an agenda. Here are three ways to relax at home.


woman watching tv

Watch a movie or tv

Currently my husband, our oldest son and I are watching The 4400 on Netflix. We have to schedule time to watch it as our schedules cross since our son works nights and my husband works days. My personal tv tastes range from reality shows to crime dramas. I can usually find something good to watch. Tv is a great escape for me.

woman reading book

Read a book

Reading can transport you into another place or time. It can educate you, It can challenge you. I am currently reading Never Unfriended by Lisa Jo Baxter. It’s a great book! (Future blog post spoiler alert) Whether you are a fiction or non-fiction reader there are plenty of books to fill some relaxing time for yourself. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, put your feet up and read.


woman taking nap

Take a nap

This sounds so simple, but it is such a big thing. A nap can revitalize you and give you a second wind for the day. It is the perfect decadent escape. My favorite naptime is spent curled up on my bed with a blanket and the fan on.

What is your favorite way to take some time off and relax? Share with me in the comments.

Happy relaxing!