Have you jumped on the Instant Pot (IP) craze yet? If not, you should seriously consider getting one. I love mine! It’s great for making meals on those days when I forget to set something out to thaw in the fridge the night before. It makes the best hard-boiled eggs. They cook perfectly and peel so easily, even fresh on the farm eggs. It can also work as a rice cooker, slow cooker and sauté meat and vegetables.

Last weekend my friend, Jennifer, showed me a neat new trick she learned from one of the Instant Pot Facebook groups. I decided to try it myself and make some egg salad.

This recipe uses the Pot in Pot method and Natural Pressure Release (NPR). For those of you not familiar with pressure cooking the Pot in Pot method is using a smaller “pot” which is a glass or stainless steel bowl to hold your food inside the Instant Pot. The reason for this is that pressure cooking requires water or liquid to come to pressure. Since I don’t want water in my eggs I used a stainless bowl to keep them separate from the water. Natural Pressure Release (NPR) is letting the pressure inside the IP release slowly on its own as opposed to opening the vent for a Quick Pressure Release (QPR).

Let’s get started

I started by adding 1/2 cup of water to the Instant pot. Next I broke a dozen eggs into the stainless bowl. DO NOT scramble them, leave them exactly as they are. I set the bowl inside the IP, sealed the lid and set it for 5 minutes at the Manual setting. It took between 5-10 minutes for the IP to come to pressure, at this point it began counting down the time from 5 minutes. Once it has reached the designated time the NPR process begins. I let it NPR for 15 minutes. It will actually continue to cook while the pressure is releasing.


I carefully removed the bowl to find one dozen perfectly cooked eggs. The best part is that I didn’t have to peel them! They also don’t have that grayish color to the yolk that some boiled eggs have.




At this point I realized that it would have probably been a good idea to spray some coconut oil or cooking spray in the bowl first. That took some serious soaking and scrubbing to get it clean.





As soon as the eggs were out of the bowl they went into the food processor where I zapped them just a couple of times to chop them up. It’s really important that when you use the food processor to chop eggs that you only zap it a couple of times. It’s very easy to overdo it and then you have egg mush. That is not the goal here. Actually when we did this at Jennifer’s house we just used a fork to mash them. But I’m lazy so in the food processor they went. 🙂






Now for a little more flavor. Mustard, mayo and relish are next. I don’t really measure when I make egg salad. Instead I just add until it looks and tastes right to me. I also prefer to add sweet relish as opposed to dill relish. Each one has it place and I prefer sweet in my egg salad. Don’t forget a little salt and pepper too.



Mix it really well.

Now I ran out of mayo while I was making this so it was a bit dry and didn’t hold together as well as it should have. I think my kids must eat mayo straight out of the jar with a spoon. It seems like I am constantly running out of it. However, it didn’t stop them all from eating it, they just forged right ahead.






Et voilà!! An egg salad sandwich on Sprouted Grain Bread with a fresh peach – which Jennifer gave me 🙂  This was such an easy summer supper and it didn’t even heat up my kitchen! Do you have an Instant Pot or other electronic pressure cooker? Do you love it? Share your favorite recipe in the comments.

Bon Appetit!