Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and join me for my newest adventure. I know exactly what you are thinking. Another picture perfect, Pinterest worthy mommy blog with cute little babies and adorable toddlers running about. Umm… no. Not here. See I am way past that stage. Don’t get me wrong, I love cute little babies and adorable toddlers, I even love teenagers. I’m just past all that. My “baby” is 19 and a college freshman living at home. My oldest is 30 – living at home. Yep, that’s what we are about here at Dogwood Lane Diaries, REAL life! Real drama, real craziness, real sarcasm, real humor all served up with a healthy dose of snark some days. We’re keepin’ it real here.

I live in a full house, complete with one husband, three of our five kids and two Great Danes.  The other two kids live about a mile away, with one daughter being the nanny for the other’s two boys.  The house is definitely NOT Pinterest material. I mean, there is carpet in the kitchen, laundry room and one bathroom. Who does that? But I love my house. It’s my favorite place to be.

I’m a born and bred Southern girl. I like sweet tea and I say y’all – a lot. I’ve been privileged to live in three Southern states. I was born in Kentucky, lived in South Carolina and now in Tennessee. I prefer small towns to big cities and I have experienced them both. I like the slower pace of life in our little town and I understand the concept of not being “from here.” Those of you who aren’t from where you live will get that. The rest of you won’t. It is what it is.

Jesus is a major part of my life!! I’m sure He will come up in quite a few of our conversations and I hope you are ok with that. If not, don’t let that scare you away, we can still be friends. Dogwood Lane Diaries is a judgement free zone. It’s all about GRACE!!

I’m a crafty kind of girl too. I like crafts, lots of crafts! I do embroidery (machine), vinyl, sewing, and just whatever new and interesting thing catches my attention. I currently co-own a vinyl business, The Polka Dot Penguin, with my friend, Dawn. I work full time during the week but not in the summer and that allows me to have some extended play time. We spend a lot of our evenings there at our “Corporate Offices” creating and developing new things. Our husbands even help, just because they are awesome. I plan to share a lot of our creations and even might offer a tutorial now and then.  Aside from The Polka Dot Penguin I am also a consultant for two direct sales businesses, Norwex and Thrive Life. You will hear about products from them and how I use them occasionally too.

I also like Volkswagens and even belong to an Air-Cooled car club. Let me just say that if you had told me several years ago before I moved here that I would meet most of my friends in a club formed around cars I would have laughed at you, for a really long time. But we have been blessed with some of the most amazing friendships through this club. They have become our newest family.

I know that I can’t be the only one finding myself in my 50s. Come along and enjoy this journey with me! Even if you are young and just starting out, you might even find some useful information here as well.